American Dental Association

The ADA was established in 1859. Today, they have more than 147,000 members. As the world’s largest and oldest national dental association, they are the oral health authority committed to both the public and the dental profession.

The NTI Tension Suppression System

The NTI-TSS device prevents and reduces the muscular triggering component of migraine, chronic headache and jaw disorders.

Academy of General Dentistry

The Academy strives to represent the interests of general dentists and improve the quality of comprehensive dental services, health promotion and wellness. Though the Academy’s primary focus is continuing education, we selectively address issues that pertain specifically to general dentists.

Baylor College of Dentistry

Baylor College of Dentistry (BCD) is dedicated to combining higher education and research with community service. Almost two-thirds of all the dentists in the Dallas/Fort Worth area received their education at BCD, and more than one-third of all dentists in Texas are graduates of the college.

Dallas County Dental Society

Dallas County Dental Society is committed to sustaining the most capable dental professionals available to serve the needs of the community. Its members are dedicated to providing accurate information and quality dental care to the community. Who you get your information from can be just as important as what you are told..

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