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Dry Mouth: Causes & Symptoms

January 6, 2017 Preventative Services 0

Fluellen Family Dentistry, the Richardson dentist you can trust, wants to tell you about the causes and symptoms of dry mouth. Do you have constant feeling of dryness and discomfort? How about constant thirst or dehydration? You may be suffering from dry mouth.

Dry mouth can worsen to the point that it affects your speech, your ability to swallow, and cause chronic halitosis. If it goes untreated, it can negatively affect your oral hygiene and lead to tooth decay. Causes of dry mouth include certain medications, cancer treatment, nerve damage from aging, certain health conditions, tobacco and drug use, and not drinking enough water. Symptoms include: constant thirst, dry/sore throat, burning sensation on tongue, cracked/chapped lips, bad breath, and difficulty swallowing.

To help ease the symptoms, Fluellen Family Dentistry recommends drinking enough water, breathing through your nose rather than your mouth, chewing sugar-free gum, drinking less soda and energy drinks, and be aware that certain medications can cause dry mouth. Following these tips will help with your dry mouth symptoms.

Fluellen Family Dentistry in Richardson, TX wants to take care of you and your oral health. If you stay informed and are aware of these symptoms, you’re one step closer to achieving the beautiful smile you deserve! Call our office to schedule an appointment at 972-231-8241 if you have any questions or concerns.